Kids and Fly Fishing

Thanks to the fly fishing frenzy for finding and sharing this video on their blog.  I just had to post it here as well.  Good stuff. 


Early Skwala Eater

I have a tendency to start fishing Skwala Dry patterns earlier than I probably should be able to get away with.  This time of year my most productive patterns are usually small midge pupa patterns and my preferred method of fishing them is in a hopper dropper type set up.  I will use a parachute adams or some other adult midge or mayfly pattern on occasion but I usually look for any excuse to use a bigger fly when using this set up.  The last couple weeks I have noticed a lot of Skwala nymphs as I turn over a few rocks on the river and although it is a little early for them to be hatching in any significant numbers I went ahead today and started fishing a bullethead skwala pattern followed my the old reliable Zebra Midge. 

Last year the first fish I managed to catch on a Skwala dry fly was on February 17th, so we are right in that time frame this year.  However I was not real hopeful that I would be able to fool a trout any earlier than that date, so I was content to use the skwala as my indicator for the midge pupa dropper.  As I prospected a nice little trough between two rocks I was not surprised when my indicator fly dipped and I set the hook on a nice little brown that had taken the dropper.  I quickly landed it and set up to get another drift in that same slick.  On my next cast I did get a little surprise.  I flipped up in the center of the narrow chute again and an eager little 10 inch fish mashed the Skwala.  Not a big fish by any means but the first sign of a fish looking up and willing to go for the bigger meal.  This may be my indication that the Skwala hatch may hit a little early this year.  We will see.

Not a monster by any means but he is the first Skwala muncher I have come across this year


It's been slow

I have not gotten out and done much fishing lately.  Things are busy, but today I managed to sneak away for a bit. 

It was not the hottest action I have ever had but the fish were there.  I found a nice run with fish rising all over to midges easy enough.  I waded in and proceeded to flog the water for nearly an hour with very little of what I would call, results.  Just a couple fish that nosed the tiny midge pattern I was using but no full on slurps, and with the number of natural insects on the water it was a bit overwhelming to imagine my little pattern getting picked out of all those choices.  To top things off the fish were not setting up in a feeding lane but feeding on the move making it a game of anticipation and timing.  Both of which I apparently lacked today.  Finally I decided I was tired of that game and I went with a set up that hardly ever fails me when fish are snacking on midges.  I tied on a nice sized parachute adams with a easily visible white post and dropped a #18 zebra midge off the back of it with about 18 inches of tippet.  Sure enough a few casts later I was hooked up on the midge pattern.  It capped what had been a bit of a frustrating outing but let me finish things off on a positive note.  So for the first time in a few weeks here is an actual fish picture.