Down by the Lake

A Duck Takes Flight
The kids throwing some leaves around


A Morning Hike in the Desert

I have not been fishing in a while due to the local river's browns being in the midst of their spawn.  So in lieu of disturbing the Browns, busy creating the next generation, I decided this morning to take a hike in the desert near my office.  I took the camera and snapped a few hasty shots.  Lighting wasn't perfect this morning but it was nice to just get out and burn some calories and try and get back into the photography mode.

First off I ran into this guy on the trail up.  Kind of a freaky looking and very large insect that I found out later appears to be a Jerusalem Cricket.

The big Orb making it's appearance, and in the upper left corner an early morning flight probably filled with business travelers heads east.

Looking out over the valley from the top of the trail.  Out there somewhere is my office.
Another look at the Valley.


Fishing Journal - Week 31

September 29

First cast back from vacation
Love the early morning sun bouncing off the hills and reflecting on the river.

September 30
Another fish eating hoppers before it was light enough to really even see the hopper

Here is Old Snaggle Tooth again. 
Mahogany Spinner


Tom This One's For You

My brother Tom thought the last video I posted of guys fishing tarpon out of a float tube was crazy. I warned him he hadn't seen the half of it yet.

Now is your fair warning on the language. They understandably get pretty excited when they hook the fish. The video quality is not exactly professional, but you will get the idea. Now THIS is taking it to the next level.