Another Repeat Customer

This one was not hard to recognize.  I'm calling him Snaggle Tooth, and he's a rough looking fellow. 

September 3rd, caught on a Hopper Juan, 300 yards up river from where I fished today:

Then this morning I caught him again on the same fly pattern...while I was wearing the same sweatshirt.


Fishing Journal - Week 30

September 13
Only two fish today but one was a very nice one.
23" fish on one of the first casts of the morning

September 15
Another great morning but the hoppers are fading fast.  I don't expect them to be effective much longer but I milked it another day despite a prolific trico hatch which I ignored this morning.  Caught four fish, and they were all on the bigger side.

First fish of the morning.  A nice fat 20 incher.
The last fish of the morning.


Fishing Journal-Week 29

September 9

I only got out once this week but it was a great outing.  Thursday morning was an overcast day with a slight breeze blowing and last time I was here on a similar type day I had my best morning landing 12 fish in the two hours before I headed off to work.  This morning was looking promising if the weather had anything to do with that morning.  And it turns out it was another great one.  Twelve more fish found there way to the net once again in the same stretch of river.  Three of them were very large fish in the 21-23 inch range.  Here are some pictures:
One of the fattest and healthiest fish I have caught here.
This fish surprised me.  I thought it was a good inch or two smaller than the fish in the top pic but it measured a half inch longer and was the longest of the morning.
In the net
This is the final fish of the morning.  A nice 20 incher that slammed my hopper twice.  The first time I jumped the gun on the hook set.  Then I gave it another drift and sure enough the fish took again.
Close up.
A great end to a great morning.


A Still Water Outing on the Kayak

I love to fly fish, that is no secret, but most of my fishing is done on flowing rivers and I rarely get out and fish still water.  This past Labor Day Weekend I had an opportunity to get out for a couple hours and fish from my kayak at a high elevation reservoir.  It was a lot of fun and I was reminded just how hard those lake fish can pull. 

My buddy Jeff and I hit a nice little lake near New Meadows, Idaho one morning, getting a little out of my comfort zone.  My first instinct when I arrive at a lake, because of my lack of experience, is to simply tie on a #10 Olive Woolly Bugger and hope for the best.  The good thing for me is that this method somehow usually ends up working.  The bad thing for me is that this may hinder me from branching out and actually learning a few things that would help me have a better understanding of what makes a still water fish eat. 

On this outing I stuck to the tried and true Woolly Bugger though and although the action wasn't exactly nonstop there were a couple fish that fell for the offering.  In the future though I promised myself I need to learn a little more about still water trout fishing.  Let the research begin. 

Here are a couple pictures from the outing.