More Great Video

Some great footage here that can't help but fire you up.

chasing hatches from RA Beattie on Vimeo.

Off the Grid from RA Beattie on Vimeo.



Been messing around with a few variations that I hope will work this spring when the Skwala's start hatching. We will see how they work.


A Scouting Trip

I took a little jaunt out to the river on my lunch break the other day. I didn't even bother rigging up the rod. I did manage to turn over a few rocks in the stream and found these Skwala nymphs everywhere. One or two under almost every rock.

When I got back to my truck there were a couple midges that seemed to think the hood was as good a place as any.Spring is around the corner. The river is just waiting to come alive right now.


Not a cure for Spring Fever...

...but tying flies does ease the symptoms a bit.


A Video Cure for the Winter Doldrums

Well it has been a little while since I have been out on the water so again I spend another winter checking out some of the very cool videos out there to wet my appetite. This video from Fishbite Media is great and features some fishing throughout the calendar year in the state of Oregon.

Oregon Water from bryan huskey on Vimeo.