The Big Island of Hawaii

Lava, Lava, and more Lava
A few snorkling pictures from the Big Island

Blue skies and Palm Trees...
...and a moon

A final look at Kauai

I only snorkled once on Kauai as the waves were huge with the storms and currents that seem to frequent the island. The snorkling pictures aren't as good as I am used to getting as I am still getting used to my new camera when it comes to underwater stuff.

A humuhumunukunukuapuaa (it's pronounced HOO-moo-HOO-moo-NOO-koo-NOO-koo-AH-poo-AH-ah). The Hawaii State fish.
The Glass Beach here was one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. It is a beach where the sand is really small bits of worn glass. Here are a couple pictures from there.

Well we moved to the Big Island Thursday so this is it for Kauai pictures. I will get a few Big Island Pictures up soon.


Kauai Photos

The view from the balcony of our condo

Waimea Canyon
The Kalalau Trail at the end of Ke'e beach is a treacherous mess of rocks and roots...

...but the views are tremendous.

A view of the Na Pali Coastline from the Kalalau trail

Beautiful North Shore Lumahai Beach

Kilauea Lighthouse
More Pics Soon!