Roll Tape!

On our last fishing trip out on the river my Mom came along with the video camera. She did a great job if I must say so myself.

We had a decent day on the river. It was crowded with fishermen but we managed to find a couple spots that held fish and got into a few. It has been a good spring on the river.

Here is the Video and for more great videos check out their website at Basecamp Legends.

Spring Fly Fishing from Sue Sorenson on Vimeo.


Small Flies

#20 Biot Thorax BWO's


Antigua, Tortola, St. John, and back to San Juan

More pictures from the cruise.

TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands

ST. JOHN, US Virgin Islands

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico


San Juan, Barbados, and St. Lucia

Here are some photos from the first four days of our recent Caribbean Cruise.

San Juan, Puerto Rico skyline from the top deck of our ship

Along the Southern Barbados Boardwalk

Inland Barbados
Bougainvillea's in full bloom on Barbados

Fire in the Sky, leaving Barbados

The sunset and the Moon (upper left corner) off the coast of Barbados

The view from my beach towel on Pigeon Island Beach, St. Lucia

Looking into the bay while hiking on Pigeon Island, St. Lucia

Guarding the Harbor in St. Lucia

Another view into the bay from the highest point on Pigeon Island, St. Lucia

Flowers on the peak of Pigeon Island, St. Lucia

These thorny trees could really grab you as you picked your way along the trail.

St. Lucia's version of the Ice Cream Truck, Only he sold fruit off this colorful boat.

More photos from the last 4 days to come.