iPhone Photography

I ruined my third "waterproof" camera in Maui this spring. This is a large reason you have not seen many posts from me lately. I enjoy taking pictures, but I take pictures while I am enjoying some other outdoor activity. Most of my activities involve water in some way so a waterproof camera is a must. This spring on a trip to the island of Maui I found out that waterproof cameras are great, until you forget to latch the door to the camera card, and battery cover. So having now ruined three $300 cameras, I decided it was time to take a rest from hauling a camera with me everywhere I go. This summer when I have come across a shot that I wanted to capture, I found my Iphone as the handiest tool. It was always with me, but I did avoid taking it near water for obvious reasons. Here are a few pictures from this past spring and summer shot with the Iphone:
 (Click on each image for a larger view.)

 I used the free version of the Adobe Photoshop app for all the processing. Well a few weeks ago, feeling brave, and fairly pleased with the photo taking abilities of the iPhone, I decided to invest in a Lifeproof case for it. Rather than investing $300 in a new waterproof camera, I decided to give this route a try and use my iPhone in some more hazardous conditions. So far the case has been great. I do not have a tripod that fits the iPhone with the case on it though so it limits the pictures I have been able to get. But it does provide me with the piece of mind to go ahead and put the iPhone in my pocket under my waders, just in case I feel like snapping a few pictures on my fishing trips. It didn't take long to test the cases waterproof abilities. I took a spill while wading a week after installing the case, and got soaked pretty good. The phone was on the side that received the bulk of the water, and it had no problems. I still plan on eventually getting a new waterproof camera, but for now the iPhone is working well.
And here are a few shots of flies using the iPhone as well:


Searching for West

This is an incredibly well made film that kind of describes the period of life I find myself in now.  And having just taken the oldest of three kids off to his first day of kindergarten, I can say this is by far the best time of my life.  It's an adjustment sometimes hitting pause on the things that have been so much apart of your life for more important things, but it's an adjustment with incredible rewards. 

The film is worth watching for the cinematography alone.  Enjoy.

Searching for West from Helio Collective on Vimeo.