Some Pictures From the Holidays

Well we didn't do much over the Christmas break but relax and eat alot of food. It really couldn't have gotten any better. Here are a few scenery shots from the week and a few shots of some elk that were taken on a Donnely, Idaho cattle ranch where they feed a herd of elk each winter and offer a cozy little sleigh ride into the feeding grounds for an up close and personal look at these amazing critters.


The Herd Bull...until someone bigger comes along anyway, which shouldn't be long now.

Showing off his magnificant toothpicks!


Lazy Saturday

Today was a lazy day. A perfect day to tie up some Salmon Fly patterns for this summers event. And a chance to try out my new camera!


A Video Closer to Home

Well, as my waders have been dry for quite sometime now, I once again must stoop to posting someone else's video. This comes from the same guy that did the New Zealand video I posted a few weeks ago, and features a river that I would consider my home water. Although it is in another state, I live and work right across the border from this gem. I can not wait for the Skwalas this spring!